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Suzannah Letts

Suzannah Letts


Suzannah Letts (Music, 2020) is an International Marketing Intern for the Universal Music Group. Prior to this, she was the Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for Girls I Rate, an organisation that seeks to ensure young women have access to opportunities in the music and entertainment industries. She is also an accomplished woodwind player.

What are your happiest memories of your time at King’s?

Being part of the societies and creating events for other students.

How have you stayed connected to King’s since graduating, and why is being part of your alumni network important to you?

I’ve been invited back to play in the King’s music ensembles and have been given more opportunities from other King’s graduates to play around the country.

What success stories have you had in your career?

I landed a job at my dream company after graduation which I can build my lifetime career on. I’ve also been working with high profile artists, and recently scored a number 1 album in the charts with an artist I was working with.

How has the ability to understand and interact effectively with people from other cultures and/or backgrounds been important in your life or career?

Especially in music, culture is such a vital part of creating new things together. Studying in such a diverse setting has allowed me to experience different genres and styles I wouldn’t have known about. I also think it’s important in life to understand everything from politics to culture when travelling abroad and knowing how to experience other cultures.

What advice would you give to students and alumni for success in life after King’s?

Take hold of every opportunity and don’t be afraid to try something you didn’t think you’d like or be good at - the best things come when we are pushed out of our comfort space.


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