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Suzanne Marcuzzi

Dr Suzanne Marcuzzi

Director of Operations


As Director of Operations, Suzanne Marcuzzi is the senior leader for professional services in King's Business School and a member of the School's Senior Leadership Team. With the Executive Dean, she leads on the development and implementation of faculty strategy and business plans, oversees the faculty's budget, tuition fee and grant income targets, and KPIs.

She leads and manages the professional services teams in the faculty and is responsible for the development and delivery of high quality, high value professional support services. Her focus is to further the School's academic strategy, to improve service quality, to control costs and invest strategically, and to empower and retain our best people.

Suzanne gained her first degree in Political Science and Philosophy at McGill University in Montréal and has a PhD from Cambridge University in Political Thought. Prior to King’s, Suzanne worked at the University of Cambridge, the BBC and the University of the Arts.