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Tamer Abdelmoniem

Dr Tamer Abdelmoniem

Consultant Gynaecologist


I am a consultant gynaecologist, honoured to work at Princess Anne Hospital, University Hospital Southampton, renowned for its distinguished provision of tertiary care gynaecology services and accreditation as an endometriosis centre.

Originally trained in Egypt at one of the largest tertiary obstetrics and gynaecology hospitals in the Middle East.

Driven by my passion for minimal access surgery, I pursued a Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with a special interest in minimal access surgery. During this period, I achieved the RCOG Advanced Training Modules for benign gynaecological surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery, as well as intermediate gynaecology ultrasound scanning. This comprehensive training enabled me to develop and refine my skills in managing complex cases and employing advanced surgical techniques for the management of different challenging gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis.

I believe in the essential role of gynaecological ultrasound scanning, recognising its importance in diagnostic precision and treatment planning.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to the importance of teaching and simulation training. Therefore, I have actively participated in teaching both at regional and national levels.