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Tanya Stern

Tanya Stern

PhD student


Tanya Stern is a Research Fellow at the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit. She graduated with a masters in International Relations and an undergraduate degree in Public Health. She has used mixed methods to investigate a wide range of studies: (1) To examine the ways in which the political elite evade accountability in the case of Grenfell tower and how this reveals an absence of sovereign authority to uphold justice amongst the political elite in the UK and across states; (2) How environmental issues cause conflict within and between states; (3) Research Overview: Is there evidence to support bed sharing for breastfeeding parents? An exploratory NCT style article on how co-sleeping and breastfeeding reinforce each other; (4) How neoliberalism negatively impacts black women, in the UK, living with sickle cell, the rise of neoliberalism and how it affects health education, research and treatment.

She is currently a research fellow on a National Institute for Health Research funded PhD investigating the impacts of climate change on adults in need of care and support: service, career and care user perspectives. Public Health and International Relations are both interdisciplinary in nature, and the running theme across her research has been to examine responses from practice, service and individual care experiences, in order to improve services and inform policy by disseminating education through clinical research.