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Tatiana Sharpe

Tatiana Sharpe

MA International Relations

  • Founder and CEO of Global Impact Network


Founder and CEO of Global Impact Network. Born in Zimbabwe and exposed to poverty and social injustice; my desire is to make a meaningful positive impact in my community and for the world. I am honoured to be Zimbabwe’s youngest author in history through my book ‘The Lonely Tiger’ that was written and published at the age of 8 with the goal to use the profits to empower children to receive an education in my home country.

My journey includes my academic background (International Relations at King's College London; Technology Entrepreneurship at Stanford University) and experiences as a member of the Global Council at the NGO World Merit and United Nations speaker (2016) for the Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace & Justice. I am committed to Global Impact Network’s vision and mission which will continue to build bridges between technology and sustainability through collaboration, accountability and transparency with all stakeholders.

My research interests lie at the interesection of emmerging technologies and sustainablie develpment; the role technology plays in shaping a more sustainable world. Specifically, by capturing real time impact data to monitor progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and empowering all levels of society to take sustainable action, track, measure and showcase their positive impact towards sustainable development in order to enable greater transparency, accountability and collaboration.

The overarching problem of lack of accountability, collaboration and transparency amongst all stakeholders (Governments, Non-profits, Companies, Schools and Citizens) in achieving sustainable development, coupled with the rise in technological capabilities and social media fuelling globalisation; inspired the creation of Global Impact Network. A social network that tracks, measures and showcases positive impact. We empower people everywhere to understand their unique contribution to changing the world and just how well we are progressing as a global society toward a more sustainable world.