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Tom Ingman

Dr Tom Ingman

Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Research interests

  • Mental Health

Contact details


Visiting researcher at the IOPPN

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, IOPPN, KCL (2016-2019)

Research Interests

Long term conditions; chronic fatigue syndrome; cancer

Key publications

Ingman, T. et al. (2022) “A systematic literature review of randomized controlled trials evaluating prognosis following treatment for adults with chronic fatigue syndrome,” Psychological Medicine, 52(14), pp. 2917–2929. Available at:

Ingman, T. et al. (2016) “Chronic fatigue syndrome: Comparing outcomes in White British and Black and minority ethnic patients after cognitive–behavioural therapy,” British Journal of Psychiatry, 209(3), pp. 251–256. Available at: