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Tom Rodwell

Tom Rodwell

MA Conflict, Security & Development

  • Senior Conflict and Stabilisation Adviser working in the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office


I am currently a Senior Conflict and Stabilisation Adviser working in the Conflict, Stabilisation and Mediation directorate of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.  I am the deputy team leader for Asia and Middle East / North Africa in the directorate.  As a senior adviser, I provide analysis, advice and programme design in respect of UK efforts to prevent, respond to and halt violent conflict.  This involves working in a diverse range of countries, including Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen for example. 

In addition to working with other parts of the FCDO, we routinely work with colleagues across government and in the military. Our work frequently entails coordinating and cooperating with other countries’ governments, multilateral organisations like the United Nations, and with non-government organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross. I am currently working on a research project, in collaboration with academics, to explore how elite bargains, which typically end conflict, can be influenced to become more politically inclusive over time.  Other recent work includes providing analytical and programmatic support to the United Nations-led peace process in Yemen.

My Master’s degree is invaluable to my work.  It provided me with an excellent theoretical understanding of the causes of conflict and instability, especially in relation to recent post-Cold War events. 

The course allowed me to identify different perspectives on and explanations for the trajectory of recent conflicts. Additionally, the course introduced me to a range of research techniques and approaches which are directly relevant to my current employment. These skills were directly relevant to my work as a lead author and editor of a guide we produced for policymakers and practitioners on stabilisation, published in 2018.

The course is also excellent in respect of networking opportunities. I work with a number of CSD alumni across government and while at King’s I made some valuable contacts with academics working on aspects of conflict, security and development. Being able to call on the advice and services of these individuals is directly relevant to my current job.