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Wasiq Wasiq

PhD Student


Wasiq Wasiq is a PhD Candidate in the Department of War Studies. His research interests and focus are on the organizational dynamics of terrorist groups, how they operate under types of leadership, environmental factors as well as the organizational culture that helps to sustain them. Wasiq holds a BA (hons) in Music Technology and an MA in Leadership (education) from University College London.

Wasiq is a member of Chatham House and Royal United Services Institute and is also a trustee for the charity Muslims Against Antisemitism. Wasiq is a prominent columnist who writes on matters concerning, academia, law and terrorism. In addition to this, Wasiq has appeared on national and international news and radio to discuss such matters. Prior to this, Wasiq worked in education for 10+ years.


Research Interests

  • Organizational culture, behavior and structure
  • Terrorism, extremism and radicalization
  • Islamism and jihadism
  • Foreign and domestic policy of the Israel, UK and US
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Syria



Dr Alexander Melearou-Hitchens



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