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William Godwin

Dr William Godwin KC

Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy




After his BA (first class) in Philosophy at UCL, William did the BPhil in Philosophy at Oxford University and then a DPhil in the philosophy of language, while teaching at two of the colleges. His supervisors included Michael Dummett, David Wiggins, Simon Blackburn and David Pears.

William’s research interests are in philosophy of language, twentieth century philosophy (with a particular focus on Frege, Wittgenstein and Russell), and the philosophy of law.

He is a practising King’s Counsel and in 2022 set up a philosophy group at the Middle Temple to discuss broadly philosophical questions that arise from the study and practice of law. King’s students and staff are very welcome to participate, and can find out more by contacting William at the above email address.

Research interests and PhD supervision

  • Philosophy of law
  • Philosophy of language
  • Twentieth century philosophy


Dr Godwin has previously taught philosophy as part of undergraduate courses in PPE and Classics at Oxford University.