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Dr Xiaofeng LI

Senior Research Fellow

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Doctor of Medicine 1987 Gynaecological Endocrinology Wenzhou Medical University Doctor of Philosophy 1994 Reproductive Medicine The Medical School, University of Birmingham Post-doc research fellow 1996 Department of Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin Senior Research fellow 1998 Department of Pathology University of Cambridge, Cambridge. Senior Research fellow 1999 - present Neuroendocrinology Research Division of women and children health King's College London.


My research interest is to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying stress and anxiety induced suppression of reproductive function. In recent 25 years, I have worked with Professor O’Byrne and benefited from a combination of in-vivo electrophysiological, cell and molecular biological, in-vivo chemogenetic and neuron calcium imaging techniques applied to well established animal models. We interrogate the mathematical model with activation of the KNDy system using in vivo optogenetics to determine the effect of excitatory and inhibitory signaling between KNDy neurons in GnRH pulse generation and frequency modulation. We focus on the genes, neurotransmiters and neuropeptides in specific neurons of hypothalamic and limbic system under various stress conditions that participate in kisspeptin and GnRH pulse suppression.