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Dr Yijing Xie

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

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Dr. Yijing Xie is a dedicated researcher in the field of optical imaging and sensing technologies for surgical guidance, with a particular focus on brain surgery.

Her recent work supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, involves the development and clinical translation of an innovative 3D optical imaging device to assist brain surgeons in mapping critical functional areas of the brain during surgical procedures. This technology relies on detecting colour (optical properties) changes in brain tissue with 3D reconstruction to provide valuable information to surgeons.

In recognition of her contributions to the field, Dr. Yijing Xie was awarded the L'Oréal UK&I and UNESCO for Women in Science Rising Talent Award in Engineering in 2020. This award highlights her achievements and dedication to advancing engineering and scientific knowledge, particularly in the context of empowering women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Beyond her research, Dr. Yijing Xie is also actively involved in public engagement activities aimed at promoting STEM education, especially among young girls and students. She is committed to championing women in STEM fields and serves as an inspiring role model for the next generation of women engineers. Her work in both research and advocacy is contributing to the advancement of science and the inclusion of underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines.