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Zunera Khan

Dr Zunera Khan

Research Portfolio Lead

Research interests

  • Mental Health


Dr Zunera Khan has received her PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at the King’s College London (KCL). Dr Khan holds an MSc in Clinical Neurosciences from University College London and has an extensive experience of dementia research of more than 15 years ranging from studying the needs of mild to severe dementia in both community and care home settings during her time at KCL. Her role has evolved from data collection to management and leading clinical trials in dementia. She currently role as Portfolio Research Lead at King’s College London, with main interest has been the role of nonverbal communication in maintaining wellbeing of people living with dementia. She has maintained her research interests in improving quality of lives of people living with dementia. At present she continues her research interest in communication in dementia in addition to engaging with our ethnic communities to meet diverse needs that exist in our communities through the CARE network (weblink). Working in people from different care settings, dementia severity and ethnicities allows Dr Khan to fulfill her research aspirations with diversity and engagement with patients, carers and family. Dr Khan also leads an departmental PPI patient and carer group (MALADY and CARE), which includes carers and people who are also research volunteers.

Research interests

  • Dementia
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Diversity and Inclusion in research
  • Care needs in Care home Settings
  • Communication in Dementia 

Expertise and Public Engagement

  • Poster and talk AAIC 2016,
  • Poster at AAICS 2022
  • Poster at AAIC 2023
  • Presentation at SESAM - Centre for Age-Related Medicine, 2021 and 2021