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Payments and Expenses

The College pays an annual fee to External Examiners (including Chief External Examiners and Peers & Specialists, based on a tariff system upon receipt of completed reports and will also reimburse reasonable expenses. For any queries relating to fees and expenses please contact:

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses, supported by receipts, can be claimed on the expenses claim form.

Forms must be submitted electronically with the required supporting receipts to It is advised that External Examiners retain copies of all forms and receipts submitted.

The following criteria for reimbursements are accepted:

  • Travel:
    • Claims for travel should be at the cheapest practical method of transport.
    • Up to a limit of £200 will be paid for total travel costs.
    • Unless there are special circumstances, reimbursement must be claimed on the lower of:
      1. Cost of standard class rail travel. The College is unable to pay for first or business class fares (unless it is cheaper than the normal fare)
      2. Underground/bus fares
      3. Cost of short taxi journeys
      4. Economy air fare only when there is no feasible alternative. The College is unable to pay for first and business class fares
      5. Mileage rate of 45p per mile where private motor vehicle is used. Please note that the College’s insurance policy does not cover the use of private vehicles for College business.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • reasonable telephone and postage costs incurred, supported by appropriate details.
  • Subsistence:
    • The cost of overnight accommodation up to a maximum value of £150 per night, only for those travelling 250 miles or more or required to attend for two consecutive days.
    • For examiners staying overnight with friends/family an allowance of up to £30 per night is available, for those travelling 250 miles or more, or required to attend for two or more consecutive days. If staying with friends/family please include confirmation from your hosts to this effect (including their name, address and date).
  • The reasonable cost of meals incurred during the journey and an evening meal where overnight stay is required. Up to a limit of £50 per meal will be paid.

Please note that the College will not reimburse alcoholic beverages.

A list of hotels local to the various College campus' can be found to the right of this page.

Please note that the criteria above and expenses claim forms only applies to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught External Examiners. For Research Degrees expenses claim, please contact the Examinations and Awards office.


Annual fees are paid by ARQS on receipt of:

Fees are paid once a month on the last day of the month. To ensure payment on the month of submission all the necessary paperwork should be submitted to ARQS before the 5th of the month.

List of hotel accommodation

 EE Expenses Claim Form