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A national Peer Network for social workers specialising in homelessness and rough sleeping

Next meeting: 2 October 2024, 10.00-11.30am

Past meetings (online)

  • 5 June 2024
  • 7 Feb 2024
  • 4 October 2023 (launch)

To receive updates, or suggest topics to discuss, email:

Welcome from Ellie Atkins, Manager, Rough Sleepers Social Work Team

Ellie Atkins

Hello and a very warm welcome! The spirit of this Network is a ‘place of belonging’ for us, as social workers across England specialising in the field of homelessness and rough sleeping. We have an exciting opportunity to pool our knowledge and resources and support a national movement for change. We advocate for the right care and support for many misunderstood people in our society, based on our intrinsic motivation to promote human rights, social justice and the self determination of the people we serve. Over the last few years, key documents have had impact on our practice. Last year, ADASS and the Local Government Association (LGA) published ‘Care and support and homelessness: Top tips on the role of adult social care’. There is extensive learning from the harrowing narratives of lives lost, captured in national analysis of homeless thematic reviews and/or SARS. The evidence base is fundamental to our journey as emerging experts in this field. I can’t wait to hear how you want to take this Network forward.

Welcome from Jess Harris, Researcher, HSCWRU, King’s College London

HSCWRU is delighted to support this Network. A central finding of our recent national research (2019-23) on Strengthening Adult Safeguarding responses to homelessness and self-neglect is the importance of the specialist homelessness social work role. But this important role remains rare nationally, and often isolated within localities, with no peer support. A small follow up study has been exploring the impact and support needs of the role - findings are here.

Please do explore more of HSCWRU’s Homelessness Research Programme and sign up for our free webinars on homelessness research and innovative practice.


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Project status: Ongoing