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The Academic Department of Military Mental Health (ADMMH) is funded by the MoD and collaborates directly with the university with both academic and military personnel seconded to the unit.

The Centre works directly with King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR). Visit the KCMHR webpage for details of how to collaborate with us.

Mission Statement

ADMMH provides the highest quality research and development and academic advice to the Ministry of Defence both during peacetime and on operations.

ADMMH's mission is to act as the uniformed focus for military mental health research for the UK Armed Forces. The centre aims to gather, assess and report on information that will enhance the health and operational effectiveness of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces.

ADMMH staff work to support the research efforts of the Defence Mental Health Services and other organisations or institutions that work to better understand and improve the health of serving and ex-Service personnel.


Contact us

Academic Department of Military Mental Health
King's College, London
Weston Education Centre
10 Cutcombe Road