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Alcohol Dependence and Adherence to Medications (ADAM)

Alcohol dependence causes considerable physical and mental health problems; the UK has experienced a consistent annual increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions, including for alcoholic liver disease. Providing effective treatment for alcohol dependence and reducing alcohol related hospital admissions is therefore a priority. Acamprosate (Campral) may be prescribed to people who have had problems with alcohol to help reduce the risk of them drinking again. Many people who take this medication have problems taking it as regularly as it is prescribed and therefore may not be getting the full benefit from the medication. We are planning an intervention delivered be pharmacists via a central telephone service to help support people to take acamprosate as it is prescribed. 

What is medication management? 

Medication management is an intervention to help support individuals taking their medication as prescribed by providing education, support and advice to service users about their drinking behaviours and medication. 

What is contingency management? 

Contingency management involves providing small financial or other incentives to change behaviour and/or engage with treatment.   

What is the ADAM study? 

The ADAM study is a randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy of medication management with and without contingency management to increase adherence to acamprosate compared to treatment as usual. Medication management and contingency management will be delivered by pharmacists via a central telephone service and this research will taking place at a number of locations in the UK. Those taking part in the trial will be randomly assigned to either receive standard care, standard care with medication management or standard care with medication management and contingency management.   


The ADAM trial aims to evaluate the acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of medication management with and without contingency management in improving adherence to acamprosate for relapse prevention in alcohol dependence. 

Project status: Ongoing
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