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Analytical Toxicology: Analysis of therapeutics, drugs of abuse and NPS in seized powders and biological matrices

A group of researchers interested in detecting & identifying drug therapeutics, recreational drugs and NPS as well as biomarkers of disease using a combination of MS-based and imaging techniques.

Dr Simon Elliot

Visiting Professor

Dr Giuseppe Floresta

Marie-Curie Research Fellow

Dr Asma Akter

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Professor David Cowan OBE

Emeritus Professor

Professor Paul Dargan

Professor of Clinical Toxicology and Consultant Physician

Professor Phil Blower

Professor of Imaging Chemistry and Head of Department of Imaging Chemistry and Biology

Dr Mads Bergholt

Lecturer in Biophotonics

Dr Ciro Chiappini

Senior Lecturer in Nanomaterials and Biointerfaces

Dr Andrew Chan

Senior Lecturer

Dr Po-Wah So

Senior Lecturer

Professor Robert Hider

Emeritus Professor

Dr Melanie Bailey

Academic, University of Surrey

Trevor Shine

Director, TICTAC communications

Dr Mark Parkin

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Dr Varun Mehra

Consultant Haematologist

Professor Julian Naglik

Professor of Fungal Pathogenesis & Immunology

Dr Samantha Terry

Senior Lecturer in Radiobiology

Dr Michelle Ma

Senior Lecturer in Imaging chemistry

Professor Sally Barrington

Professor of PET imaging and NIHR Research Professor

Dr Oliver Lyons

Vascular Surgery Consultant, Clinical Lecturer

Professor Antonio Pagliuca

Haemato-oncology (Clinician lead in Bone Marrow Transplant)

Dr Nicholas Price

Director of Infection Prevention & Control, Consultant in Infectious Diseases & Physician

Dr M. Mansour Ceesay

Consultant Haematologist/Clinical Director for Cancer

Dr James Mason

Reader of Membrane Biochemistry

Trevor Shine

Director, TICTAC communications

Abdulaziz Aldubayyan

PhD Student

Anca Frinculescu


PhD Student

Katarzyna Osytek

PhD Student


Our Partners

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council