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We use cryo-Electron Microscopy, combined with X-ray crystallography, NMR and other biophysical methods, to study the structure and mechanism of protein nano-machines. In particular, we are interested in understanding the molecular basis of bacterial virulence, bacterial cell organization, and virus-host interaction.

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  • Julien Bergeron
  • Shamar Lale-Farjat: Research Assistant
  • Soi Bui: Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Natalie Al-Otaibi (University of Sheffield): Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Sasha Evans: PhD Student
  • Becky Farthing: PhD Student
  • Kailin Qi: PhD Student
  • Andrew Goodale: PhD Student
Bergeron Lab Members

Our Partners

Work supported by the BBSRC, the Royal Society, and the Human Frontiers Science Program.

Partners include eBIC and Diamond, as well as the LonCEM consortium.

Royal soc

Royal Society


Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council

Group lead

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Instagram: @bergeronlab

TikTok: @proteinstructure

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