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Biomarkers of substance use and abuse

A study is ongoing to explore Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for the management of inflammatory pain in Bayelsa State Nigeria comparing use in different regions of the State to include different occupations. The research looks at prescribing practices in the community and in hospital to establish the prevalence of use and those most commonly used against current local, national and international guidelines.

In a separate study work has been ongoing for several years looking at substance misuse in pregnant women. Research has taken place both in the UK and in Malta with consideration for parenting and the placement of offspring born to mothers who misuse substances. In Malta, the effect of prenatal opioid exposure on neurological milestone development and the influence of type of guardianship was investigated in a prospective longitudinal 3-year follow-up study of 69 new-borns with developmental milestones compared to standardised general population quotients. Whilst in the UK the identification of opioid dependence in pregnancy and outcomes of neonates exposed in utero to methadone has been explored.


Dr Auyeung, Vivian

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jane Marshall

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Prof Atholl Johnstone

Visiting Professor

Dr Lewis Couchman

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Caroline Pollard


Dr Anna Vella

Senior Lecturer

Joanne Thomas

PhD Student

Peter Owonaro

PhD Student



The use of self-report data alongside more objective tools to gain insight into drug use by different populations.

Trials Design

Cross sectional studies