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Paula Booth's group works at the interface of Chemistry and Biology investigating the biogenesis, self-assembly and function of cell membranes. A main focus is elucidating the mechanisms by which proteins fold, assemble and communicate within biological membranes. Emphasis is placed on understanding the role of membrane lipids in regulating protein folding and function, as well as devising methods to probe misfolding of proteins that can have drastic effects. Membrane proteins account for about 30% of all cell proteins and play pivotal roles in life reflected in their domination of drug targets.

The group research aims to not only solve fundamental questions relating to membrane protein biogenesis and folding, but also to exploit the self-assembly of artificial biomembranes for Synthetic Biology and catalytic applications. Work also investigates the critical role of the membrane and embed proteins in drug targeting and antimicrobial resistance.

The Booth Group also has a satellite laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute and are a part of the Centre for the Physical Science of Life.