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The Breast Cancer Now King's College London Research Unit opened at the university in 2009 and was originally named the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Unit. The Unit at King's College London is entirely focused on studying triple negative breast cancer.

The Unit is made up of researchers across three research groups, headed by the Unit Director Professor Andrew Tutt as well as Professor Sophia Karagiannis, and Dr Anita Grigoriadis. They all work together to find what drives triple negative breast cancer, to find its weaknesses, and to develop new treatments.

Andrew and Anita’s teams are studying the biological features of triple negative breast tumours to find differences that set them apart from other types of the disease. This will help guide the development of new treatments. Sophia and her team aim to use this knowledge to develop new treatments to specifically target triple negative breast cancer cells.

The Breast Cancer Now Research Unit works in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research.

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