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Digital law is becoming an increasingly important area of law, affecting a number of traditional legal disciplines. As a consequence of the ongoing digitalisation process, the market, technology and society are constantly evolving and new challenges for regulation arise.

Therefore, existing law needs to adapt and respond to new “digital” world which consists out of new products, new markets, new technologies. For example, commercialisation of users’ data, AI liability, targeted advertising or dark patterns are just some of the phenomena that the existing law in its current form cannot adequately answer. In order to conceptually capture these phenomena, traditional legal techniques need to be applied in innovative ways and often new legal mechanisms that better fit a new economic reality have to be developed. In other words, the digital age requires a new set of rules: the digital law.

The Centre for Digital Law is the place where the issues that arise in law in the digital environment are being discussed, examined and solutions provided, as well as an umbrella that gathers all of the researchers interested in law and regulation of the digital economy and market.

The Centre for Digital Law is part of the Digital Futures Institute.

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