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From interstate conflict to the threat of the climate crisis, the world faces challenges that require an unprecedented level of cooperation and a strong system of international governance to resolve. Yet the system of international governance established after World War II is in turmoil. International institutions are increasingly deadlocked or dysfunctional, and our rules-based system is under attack. Conflict proliferates and systems of dispute resolution must adapt.

The Centre for International Governance and Dispute Resolution (CIGAD) at The Dickson Poon School of Law brings together academics, policymakers and practitioners working in the areas of international law and dispute resolution to help tackle these global challenges. The Centre works with a growing network of global partners in collaborative research projects. We offer a wide range of events open to the public.

The Centre provides students with the opportunity to participate in world-leading research and to engage in discussions on the critical issues facing the international community.

Internship Opportunities 

For students interested in pursuing internship opportunities within the field of international and transnational law, the University of Exeter has compiled a resource of potential internship providers which reflect a variety of different institutions and bodies. Please note that the list is not exhaustive neither are all the opportunities remunerated.

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