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Italy's position in Europe is not debatable given its historical and cultural heritage. However, the country has experienced a number of challenges in the recent years due to both its political and economic performance. The recent euro-zone crisis, the refugee crisis and the covid crisis have strongly impacted the country which has however demonstrated a great resilience and adaptability. As knowledge of Italy in the international context is pivotal to the understanding of its underlying economic and political dynamics, the Centre for Italian politics @ EIS aims at advancing the acquaintance with Italian affairs of anyone who is interested.

The aim of the Centre is to introduce students, scholars and the general public audience to Italian politics in the context of its insertion into European integration and world politics. The Centre will organise events allowing interested audiences to assess in an informed way past and current developments in Italy and the relationship between Italy, Europe and the world, in order to identify enduring and changing features of Italian politics and economics. Finally, and in pursuit of the aforementioned, key issues in the Italian political sphere will be considered, in order to derive a more precise understanding of important turning points in contemporary Italian politics and economics and its relations with Europe and the world at large.

This aim will be achieved by organising talks, seminars conferences and workshop on topics of relevance for the Italian political debate and situating Italy in the European and global context.

The centre joins a strong core of researchers in Italian politics, foreign policy, history, political economy, language and culture based in the Department of European and International Studies (EIS) which have an established research track record in European and transnational studies, with key research on Italian politics and economics, migration, Mediterranean Relations, political theory and cultural studies.

In addition, the centre collaborates with a number of affiliated members from across Europe who are leading experts in Italian politics.

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