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Studentship: Placemaking and mental health in refugee camps: An ethnography of asylum seekers’ lived experiences in the UK

We are a friendly, interdisciplinary research centre, committed to collaborative working.

Our research develops critical analyses of social change and social in/justice in education and other policy arenas, sectors and contexts to inform national and international policy debate, social activism, and personal, professional and organisational learning.

In addition to conducting theoretical and empirical research, we run innovative policy-relevant teaching programmes. We are also interested in promoting and supporting research by, and in partnership with, our students and with policymakers and practitioners from public and third sector organisations and community groups.

Scholarship in CPPR draws on a range of social science and humanities perspectives and methodologies. The Centre has expertise in sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, history and applied philosophy and in participatory, creative and arts-based methodologies.

We are interested in approaches to social and policy analysis that are both critical and problem-solving. Our interest in and interpretation of policy is rooted in a conception of policy as felt, made and remade in everyday life; that is, as co-constitutive of subjectivities and identities. Our research illuminates social and policy processes and effects in a range of global and local contexts, including formal and informal education, health and social care and cultural sector settings.

Our cross-cutting research interests include:

  • Children, youth & society
  • Decoloniality & epistemic justice
  • Emotions & embodiment
  • Ethics & public policy
  • Gender & sexuality
  • Governance, accountability & quality
  • Imagined social futures
  • Inequality & social class
  • Migration & borders
  • Race & racism
  • Rethinking work

CPPR’s work also reflects the School of Education, Community & Society’s overarching research themes of:

  • Curriculum, pedagogy & assessment
  • Diversity, inclusion & social justice
  • Globalisation & identity
  • Professionalism & workplace practice.

Members of CPPR also convene the Higher Education Research Group (HERG@KCL), the King's International Education Research Network and the King's Child/Youth Studies Network.

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