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Technology has always intersected with the human body, from the food that we eat to the clothes we wear, the jobs we do, and the materials that make up our environment. The types of technology might vary - mechanical, industrial, electronic, and, increasingly, digital, but we have always responded to technology in embodied ways. We cannot think, or feel, outside of our own physical and cognitive processes. And technology affects the body in gendered and racialised ways that reinforce individual, social, global hierarchies. These processes demand in-depth ethical and critical reflection.

The Centre for Technology and the Body is part of the Digital Futures institute, that explores how we live well with technology. We welcome collaborative, critical investigation of the history, present and future of technology, and how it intersects with our physical, sensory, and emotional worlds.

The Centre for Technology and the Body director Fay Bound Alberti is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and historian of medicine, emotions and the body. Fay directs the project Interface, which explores the history and meanings of the human face.


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