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Conduct and interaction in museums

We are undertaking studies of how people experience and make sense of exhibits in interaction with others and of how they embed labels and other information sources in their interaction at the exhibit-face.

Over the past twenty years, we have undertaken a series of research projects concerned with conduct and interaction in museums, galleries and science centres. We have been particularly interested in how people respond to collections and exhibitions and in how their interpretation and experience of exhibits arises in and through interaction with others.

The projects have included studies of museums of art and applied art, science museums and science centres, as well as more specialized exhibitions and galleries. Our research has included studies of how visitors use information resources, both conventional labels as well as more innovative systems such as smartphones and tablets, as well as how they use and engage ‘interactive’ exhibits.

It also involved more practical interventions that have included the design, deployment and evaluation of both innovative resources and exhibits to explore how we can enhance engagement and participation.

Project status: Ongoing

Principal Investigators