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The Centre for Conflict & Health Research (CCHR) is a unique research collaboration that brings together members from across King’s College London and King’s Health Partners with global collaborations ranging from international NGOs to the security sector.

The CCHR, co-directed by Professors Preeti Patel War Studies) and Richard Sullivan (Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine), is one of the largest global groupings combining cross-faculty academic disciplines in international relations, war studies, economics, alongside a comprehensive suite of clinical expertise in conflict and health.

The relationships between security (covering human, national and international perspectives) and conflict is a key determinant of health, especially in fragile and conflict affected States. The CCHR works on a wide range of historical and contemporary conflict, security and health programmes with direct links to policy and practise. Our faculty work at the highest level from UK’s SAGE through to UN and WHO drawing on practical experience from policy-making to clinical practise.

CCHR’s aims:

  • Understand the relationship between the health needs of all populations affected by conflict, complex humanitarian emergencies and post-conflict situations.
  • Understand the breadth of healthcare providers and the barriers to accessing healthcare in fragile and conflict-affected settings.
  • Understand the relationships between security and health at global, national and human levels.
  • Study challenges of non-communicable diseases in conflict and post-conflict settings.
  • Examine the interface between security, intelligence, and global health.

Themes and theme leads:

  • Kristen Meagher - Women Leaders in Health and Conflict
  • Abdulkarim Ekzayez and Preeti Patel - Health Systems and Conflict
  • Martin Bricknell - Security Sector, Civil-Military Relations and Military Medicine
  • Gemma Bowsher - Global Health Security and Health Intelligence
  • Nassim el Achi - Research Capacity Strengthening in Conflict
  • Hanna Kienzler - Civilian Mental Health in Conflict
  • Peter von Dadelszen - Global Women’s Health
  • Richard Sullivan - Cancer and Palliative Care

Study programmes:


Group leads

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