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The Defence & Diplomacy research theme brings together a wide variety of scholars who study diplomacy in its different manifestations, international security cooperation and defence policies at the national and international level. The theme aims to cover all research on security and defence relations between international actors.

The community functions as an inclusive hub for collaborative research projects, fruitful knowledge exchange and mentor support amongst PhD students, early career researchers and senior academics working on Defence & Diplomacy.

Members examine relevant historical and contemporary issues from national, bilateral, minilateral and multilateral perspectives.

Some of the most prominent research undertaken by Defence & Diplomacy include:

  • British defence and security policy
  • European security
  • transatlantic relations
  • defence economics
  • arms control negotiations
  • diplomatic knowledge production and analysis
  • Cold War history
  • international organizations such as the EU, NATO, the UN Security Council and the WEU

Associated Programmes