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Engineering design is critical to successful products and systems. At King’s, our current strength is in mechanisms and robotics, where the development of complex configurable systems brings together our researchers in computer vision, soft robotics, kinematics, sensors and mechanisms with those in machine learning in our Data-Centric Engineering theme.

Design and autonomous systems

Autonomous systems require design from individual components to the requirements of the end-user or process application. Our researchers are doing this by understanding aspects ranging from how the user will interact with the system and its reconfigurability to human-machine interaction. Alongside this, they are reviewing requirements from inclusive design to sustainability to develop new tools and methodologies for emerging applications and products.

Structures, sensing and devices

Our research in robotics has applications ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and agriculture with novel structures and new theories. Our research extends beyond robotics into haptics and metamaterials. Our researchers are designing new devices, mechanisms, and protocols for manipulation, detection and learning for improving productivity and lives.