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Donna Cox

Donna Cox

The first Virtual Reality camera-choreography system, Virtual Director is referenced by many other patents including from Google, Pixar, IBM, Sony and Autodesk and is the earliest realisation of today’s much-hyped ‘Virtual Production’ systems. Virtual Director not only enabled the creation of visualizations; it also provided remote virtual collaboration connecting different people in remote locations. It operated in the CAVE virtual environment, a room-size, rear-screen projection system that enables the images to be seen in 3D stereo, in real-time.

'We have used Virtual Director to interactively work with scientists in remote locations and to meet in cyberspace in order to create the visualizations. When we meet in cyberspace, we have our independent points of view, and can navigate independently. However, we share the same environment and see one another as avatars. We share camera paths and see each otherís camera viewpoint on suspended virtual televisions.'

– Donna Cox

Professor Donna Cox is a revered film industry expert who has worked on numerous cinematic projects, including IMAX’s “Cosmic Voyage,” “A Beautiful Planet,” and “Hubble 3D”.

5. Video documentation of “Virtual Director,” 1997, Donna Cox (with Robert Patterson and Marcus Thiebaux)

Video documentation of “Virtual Director,” 1997, Donna Cox
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