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The EEG Working Group serves as a collaborative hub for researchers working with electroencephalography (EEG) at King's College London.

It is an inclusive platform led by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, but welcoming individuals of all backgrounds and levels of expertise. It invites participation from anyone interested in EEG research, irrespective of their academic or professional standing. 

 We hold monthly meetings featuring various themes, including problem-tackling sessions, training workshops, research presentations, and career sessions between others. 

We aim to facilitate sharing of resources such as code, data, and protocols, and we are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared and challenges are discussed openly, to empower researchers to deliver high-quality research. 

 Get involved!

If you are an EEG enthusiast affiliated with King's, join our Teams channel using this link or the Teams code: a2qd0zr 

Have a look at the Activities tab for our meeting schedule.

Group leads (past and present):

Current: Dr Irene Faiman (, Ryan Stanyard (

2021-2023: Dr Chirag Mehra, Dr Claire Ellis

Contact us

If you are affiliated with King's, feel free to join our Teams channel using this link or the Teams code: a2qd0zr 

If you are outside of King's and wish to connect, please contact one of our group leads (Dr Irene Faiman:, or Ryan Stanyard: