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Examining individual differences in the ability to multitask in adolescence: behavioural and cognitive correlates

Access to multiple sources of information and the pressure to keep up with the demands of living in the fast-paced digital world, mean that for many young people multitasking has become a daily occurrence. Although taking part in parallel multiple activities may improve the efficiency of work, evidence suggests that children and adolescents find multitasking difficult, even more so when they have a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It has been proposed that these difficulties may be driven by the deficits in working memory and broader executive function observed in ADHD. In this project, conducted with young adolescents, we are examining the motivational and cognitive factors that underpin multitasking performance. We are also investigating whether individual variations in inattention and impulsivity are associated with young people’s ability to multitask. 

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