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Facilitators and barriers in the digitalisation of care homes – Perspectives from managers of small care homes

About this study

This study explores the experiences of care home managers working for small care home groups (up to 5 care homes) on their journey to digitalising care home operations. By ‘digitalising care home operations’ we mean researching, buying and rolling out technological products, like apps, software or computer/tablet based programmes, to run the everyday tasks of a care home. Through interviews with care home managers and a survey we examine facilitators and/or barriers to digitalising care homes belonging to small providers, from the perspectives of care home managers. The study’s findings will inform the NHS Transformation Directorate’s activities on how to best support small care home providers and their managers on their digitalisation journey.

The study is led by Dr Caroline Green in collaboration with Palvi Dodhia, COO/Director of Serene Care, and Jane Brightman at the NHS Transformation Directorate.


May – June 2022: Interviews and survey. June – July 2022: Data analysis, expert by experience group meeting with providers and managers to discuss results and report writing.


NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South London, and philanthropy.

More information

Please see the flyer for more information and the formal information sheet.

Contact if you want to take part or if you would like to know more about the study.  

Project status: Completed