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BioImagingUK, UKRI-BBSRC, UKRI-MRC and EuroBioImaging are pleased to announce that the UK Node has been ratified by the Euro-BioImaging Board!

Starting soon, the UK will offer open access to state-of-the-art biological imaging technologies through Euro-BioImaging. The pilot UK Node is a distributed infrastructure consisting of seven initial sites located across the UK:

  • Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC)
  • The Francis Crick Institute
  • King’s College London
  • Liverpool University
  • Octopus at Harwell
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • York University

This Node will offer open access to a wide range of advanced bioimaging techniques including correlative, multimodal, high-content and super-resolution microscopy. Users will have access to imaging instruments, expertise, training and data management services to complement those at their own institutions or among their collaboration partners.

The UK Node will welcome applications from all biological and biomedical research disciplines. Projects will be prioritised based on technical feasibility and scientific merits. Support will be provided for the entire experimental pipeline including (where appropriate) initial user consultation, experimental planning, full hands-on training, assistance with sample preparation, gathering highest quality imaging data and data analysis.

More information about the UK Node will be shared shortly, along with details of how to apply.

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EuBI UK Node Manager: Georgina Fletcher