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The Health Hub is grounded in the growing intersection of informatics and health. We work on important health informatics topics such as digital health interventions for physical and mental health, assistive and accessible technologies, algorithmic diagnostics and modelling of complex medical data. Within this, the hub also looks at the privacy, security and explainability concerns surround digital health interventions. Our multidisciplinary activities not only connect academic groups within the Department of Informatics, but also link Informatics to multiple Departments, Divisions and Health Partners across the College. The overall objective of the Health Hub is to advance our fundamental understanding of technology-enabled health and its capabilities. 


Key research activities in the Health hub address:

  • Application and development of user-centred design approaches to envision, design, and evaluate digital health interventions
  • The accessible design of digital health technologies for those affected with disabilities coinciding with, or related to, health challenges
  • Algorithm development for learning in supervised and unsupervised biomedical data analysis, algorithms for data sharing, modelling and simulation of biological processes, sequence analysis for genomic data and health data collection via social networks
  • The application of robotic technology to healthcare and medical interventions
  • Development of AI systems for mental health diagnoses and treatment