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The History and Political Economy Research Group brings together scholars who use the interpretative methods of political economy to conduct historical enquiry, and/or work on historical material to investigate political economy questions. The group is methodologically diverse encompassing historians, political scientists, economists and political theorists.  

Research areas

  • General political and economic history
  • History of economic thought
  • History of democracy
  • Business/entrepreneurial history
  • Collating and using historical data

Upcoming events

3 October

Molley Shaffa (Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Budget at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Liberia): Financial history workshop

6 October

Half-day conference with keynote by Scott Gehlbach (Chicago)

24 October

Mikolaj Malinowski (Groningen): Incredible Commitment: Oligarchy and state failure in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

14 November

Nora Yitong Qiu (Oxford) and Xiaoyun Tang (KCL): Seizing the pawn: a social network analysis of confiscation practices in late Imperial China (1700-1912)

22 November

Tiago Mata (UCL) (joint with department seminar): Radical expectations: how the New Left changed economics

5 December

Gabriel Leon (KCL): The great reform act

Semester 2

23 January

Pavi Suryanarayan (LSE): State capacity/ethnic politics

6 February

Dmitry Ismagilov (UCL): Serfdom in Russia

13 February

Coskun Tuncer (UCL): State capacity in the Ottoman Empire

28 February

Peter Wilson (Oxford) (joint with department seminar): Fiscal-military state

12 March

Iain Sharpe (KCL alumni): A new day has dawned': ending Conservative electoral dominance in Britain from Campbell-Bannerman to Blair

 26 March

Cléo Chassonnery: History of economic thought