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The Immunology of Myeloid Malignancies Group is led by Dr Giorgio Napolitani, Senior Lecturer in Immuno haemato-oncology.

Our group studies the interplay between myeloid leukaemia and other myeloid malignancies and the immune system with the goal of identifying targets for the development of novel therapeutic strategies and biomarkers to monitor leukaemia specific immunity.

In close collaboration with clinicians and clinician-scientists at King’s College London and King’s College Hospital, our team applies single-cell technologies such as sc-RNAseq and Mass Cytometry combined with functional assays to dissect the heterogeneity of the immune system in clinical samples from patients with myeloid malignancies. We aim to understand which components of the immune system can contribute to disease progression or tumour control.

We are particularly focused on the identification and characterization of leukaemia-specific T cells and on monitoring how their specificity, phenotype and functions are affected by the genetic profile of malignant cells and by standard and novel therapies against these diseases.

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Giorgio Napolitani, Senior Lecturer in Immuno Haemato-oncology