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INHERIT Lab is a group of researchers focused on understanding why mental health problems run in families and what we can do about it. Inherit Lab is led by Dr Tom McAdams and comprises postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, MSc students and undergraduates.

INHERIT stands for Interdisciplinary Health Research on Intergenerational Transmission. We are broadly interested in understanding mental health in families. We study large family databases to understand the role of genetic and environmental factors in the intergenerational continuity of mental health problems and associated traits. Our approach to research incorporates methodological techniques from the fields of quantitative genetics, causal inference, epidemiology and more.

We run the Children of Twins Early Development Study (CoTEDS) in collaboration with Professor Thalia Eley and the Twins early Development Study (TEDS).

The Inherit Lab's work is funded by Wellcome.

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