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KCSI Mission Statement

Understanding intelligence and its role in statecraft or society has never been more important. The King’s Centre for the Study of Intelligence (KCSI), works to enhance our knowledge of intelligence from an international perspective, and to build new networks interested in the future of global intelligence and international security. KCSI brings together a diverse group of leading scholars, practitioners, visiting fellows, and doctoral researchers from four continents, to generate research and insight that can help future leaders, governments, NGOs, businesses and the public better understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the evolving global security environment.

The Centre’s key aims are to:

  1. Generate new and relevant knowledge that will expand our understanding of global intelligence policies and practices (either via applied history or contemporary research);
  2. Build a robust network of scholars, experts, and practitioners ready to discuss and disseminate this knowledge via educational and outreach activities;
  3. Facilitate an informed discussion about the various ways intelligence contributes to government decision making, as well as the challenges of running a lawful and effective intelligence community.

In addition to research and publications, KCSI regularly hosts thematic panels and talks, workshops, seminars, mentoring sessions and conferences. Students enrolled in the prestigious MA in Intelligence and International Security get a front row seat to these discussions and debates.

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