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Cyber security is a key concern for societies reliant on networked information infrastructures for a broad spectrum of social, economic and political activities. Threats to the integrity and functionality of these systems are many, varied and dynamic, as are the ways they may be compromised or leveraged by adversaries, criminal or political. The Cyber Security Research Group (CSRG) considers the nature and character of these threats and formulates appropriate ways of thinking and doing cyber security in the service of society.

The CSRG is an intellectual hub for the study of a wide range of issues in cyber security and allied fields, including cyberwar and cyberwarfare, national and military cyber strategy, critical infrastructure protection, information security, information warfare, digital surveillance, cybercrime and cyberespionage.

We encourage innovation in theory, concepts and methods and apply these to contemporary problems of cyber security, whilst stimulating discussion and engagement across academia, government, enterprise, defence and security agencies, media and the general public.