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King’s Genomics at King's College London provides biobanking support for both internal and external collaborators, storing a wide range of human biological samples. We also provide Illumina array and nanopore long-read sequencing services, assisting throughout the entire workflow, from sample preparation to bioinformatics support. Our facility is a Propel certified provider of Illumina's genotyping and methylation arrays, enabling us to offer epigenetic profiling, structural variation analysis, copy number variant detection, and transcriptomic profiling using long-read nanopore sequencing on the PromethION platform. Additionally, we offer cytokines and chemokines data analysis using immunoassays via MSD assays.

Genomic services we offer include:

  • Experimental design
  • Automated blood fractionation (Plasma, Serum and Buffy Coat) for biobanking
  • Automated DNA/RNA extraction (Blood, Saliva, Swabs, Buffy Coat, and Brain Tissues)
  • DNA/RNA quantification and quality control
  • Automated sample preparation and normalization
  • Immunoassay analysis for cytokines and chemokines
  • 10X Chromium Controller for single cell sequencing
  • Illumina genotyping and methylation beadchip analysis
  • Nanopore long-read sequencing analysis
  • Bioinformatics support (Quality Control, Imputation and PRS)