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Our research investigates factors which contribute to the mental health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other sexual and gender minority individuals (LGBTQ+). We apply the findings to develop interventions to reduce distress in sexual and gender minorities. We also conduct research to increase our understanding about the development of sexual and gender minority identities. We use methods from experimental psychology, clinical and health psychology, genetics, biology and neuroscience.

Our collaborating organisations include Metro Centre, Schools Out, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and Student Minds.




  • Katharine Rimes
  • Qazi Rahman
  • Patrick Smith     

IoPPN Academics outside of Psychology: 

  • Dr Stephani Hatch (Psychological Medicine) 
  • Dr Kimberley Goldsmith (Biostatistics) 
  • Dr Silia Vitoratou (Biostatistics) 

PhD Students: 

  • Livia Bridge
  • Ashley Brown
  • Lovedeep Rai
  • Anna-Sophia Warren
  • Olakunle Oginni (SGDP) 

Researcher Collaborators

Our Partners

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Metro Centre

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Schools Out UK

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Student Minds


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Dr Katharine Rimes 

Reader in Clinical Psychology  

Dr Qazi Rahman  

Senior Lecturer  

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