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The Shakespeare Centre London is an ambitious development of a 25 year relationship between King’s College London and Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Centre builds on two decades of successful collaborations between two renowned institutions, particularly the Research and Higher Education Teams at Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Department of English at King’s. Our collaborations so far have included the joint MA in Shakespeare Studies and our co-sponsorship of biennial postgraduate conferences.

We are an academic institute and a public-facing centre. Education, research, impact, diversity, and service underpin our activities. We promote knowledge in the broad field of the study of Shakespeare, early modern textual and performance culture, and contemporary reimagining of everything Shakespearean and early modern.

We aim to be a beacon for the inclusive study of Shakespeare, text, performance, theatre history, and premodern critical race studies.


"Shakespeare's work has been for centuries one of the things people use to think with. The history of Shakespeare reception winds up being a focused history of our whole culture." Dr John Lavagnino


 The core activities of the Centre are:

  • to raise public awareness of the historical and contemporary role of Shakespeare and his contemporaries through a range of events, conferences, workshops, publications and partnerships with cultural and creative organisations, big and small, in London and elsewhere.
  • to inspire wide engagement with Shakespeare across a range of non-traditional audiences in theatres, schools and higher education, providing resources and leadership in the field of widening participation and breaking down barriers to access
  • to encourage and facilitate collaborative, interdisciplinary research relating to Shakespeare  and his contemporaries across the range of disciplines and departments within the college and promote to facilitate engagement with the wider community
  •  to organise public engagement events, academic workshops and international conferences and to support entrepreneurial graduate students in running such events
  • to secure externally funded grants for specific projects enhancing our understanding of the work of Shakespeare and other early modern poets and dramatists and the afterlives of that work.

The Centre Co-Directors are Professor Lucy Munro and Professor Farah Karim-Cooper.

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