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Global challenges are emerging every day. In this theme, we are taking an integrated approach, using systems engineering to ensure the solutions developed are sustainable, optimised, and adaptable.


Energy and thermal engineering

As our world faces a changing climate and seeks to reduce carbon emissions, our researchers are striving to improve the efficiency and safety of energy systems and to understand the impact of environmental challenges. Developing novel scalable manufacturing for energy storage devices, addressing the challenges of integrating multiple energy sources into our electricity grid, and modelling and predicting wildfires are some of the ways of our research is helping.


Advanced materials 

Emerging applications require new approaches to sensors and structures. Our researchers are optimising and developing functional and structural materials from energy storage, healthcare, lightweight transport, and novel sensors while seeking to reduce environmental impact. Alongside developing new materials, they work to understand and optimise existing materials to improve performance and service life.


Sustainable systems and their management

Engineering systems underpin our economy and many aspects of our daily lives. These are complex systems that require optimisation and knowledge of their broader context and how they interact at these levels. Our researchers are designing optimised sustainable smart systems for industry and healthcare to meet constantly changing requirements.