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We are a newly established imaging facility that aims to promote the development and uptake of cutting edge optical microscopy methods for biological imaging. The Microscopy Innovation Centre will work alongside the Nikon Imaging Centre at King's College London in order to complement existing, well established, commercial microscopy systems.

Our purpose

The Microscopy Innovation Centre collaborates with academic and industrial partners to develop and house advanced microscopy instrumentation and analysis tools, offering cutting-edge microscopes to support users in their advanced imaging needs. Our vision is to be a hub for innovative microscopy, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced imaging techniques and analysis tools to the research community.

By working with our research user base and strategic industry partners, we aim to build a world-class, unique facility that delivers advanced, non-commercial imaging solutions to the life science community to drive new discoveries in biomedical research.


The MIC access policy includes details on access, eligibility, training, and our publication policy. We welcome all users from within King’s and the wider scientific and industrial communities. Enquiries should be directed to Dr Nicholas Anthony (Manager) or Dr Dylan Herzog (Deputy Manager).

Work with us

The Microscopy Innovation Centre will consist of two core staff members and an academic steering committee. If you have imaging requirements that you have not been able to satisfy with commercial microscopy systems, or if you would like to collaborate with us on a novel microscopy method then we would like to hear from you.

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3rd Floor, Hodgkin Building
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