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MyJournE - A remote mood-monitoring and life event tracker for school-aged cohorts

What is MyJournE?

The MyJournE project forms part of an MRC Pathfinder Grant and looks to assess the feasibility and acceptability of embedding an e-platform for remote mood monitoring and life event tracking within schools.

Find out more about MyJournE in this video.


Mental health difficulties are common, impacting on the wellbeing, quality of life and health outcomes of many individuals. Most adult mental health disorders present before the age of 18, yet there is still a lack of understanding around the factors influencing their development. Research typically relies on retrospective recall over long periods, making it difficult to observe small changes in a real time setting. Given that young people are early adopters of new technology, an obvious way forward is to use mobile devices to gain in-real-time self-reports of mood and wellbeing and everyday experiences. Developing such a platform poses exciting opportunities for schools and health professionals in assessing the wellbeing of young people at a population level and creates a potential ‘e-cohort’ mechanism for future research recruitment.

What are the aims of MyJournE?

This body of work is looking to assess the overall feasibility of embedding a mood monitoring application within a school setting. We have engaged in extensive co-design work with young people across London to develop an app prototype with industry partners. We are seeking to identify and address issues through proof-of-principle application in order to generate requirements for larger scale implementation.

What is the timeframe?

This project will be active from January 2019 to September 2020.

To find out more about the study and potential ways to get involved, please email