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Particle Sanctum

Read more about how this installation uses live data from cosmic ray detectors and from the Super-Kamiokande neutrino observatory in Japan to transform invisible particles into an immersive audio-visual experience.

12. Particle Sanctum (c) David Tett

About Particle Sanctum

Particle Sanctum is a distilled, gallery version of Particle Shrine which premiered at Science Gallery London in 2022 and is part of an ongoing collaboration between particle physicist Dr Teppei Katori and artist/composer Christo Squier.

 In Particle Sanctum, visitors can immerse themselves in cosmic forces that can’t be seen, heard or felt.

Utilising new creative technologies, this installation transforms the never ending, random stream of cosmic ray energy into a variety of outputs: generative compositions, projections and lighting design.

These outputs are controlled in real time by two bespoke cosmic ray detectors inside the installation, as well as by live readings from a neutrino observatory in Japan called Super Kamiokande.

Particle Sanctum represents the key technology used in Particle Shrine, which is a fully immersive installation that also incorporates vibrating mirrors, spatial audio and 5 detectors.

Find out more

Watch this video for a deep dive into the physics and technology behind the installation:

Particle Shrine - The physics and tech behind the installation - YouTube

For more information on how this collaboration evolved please visit:

NPR: A scientist and musician are collaborating to turn cosmic ray data into art

Feeling the universe in the 'Particle Shrine'

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Project team

Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences.
Presented by Dr Teppei Katori, Christo Squier, Chris Ball and Eden Morrison.

Follow the project team on Twitter and Instagram for updates:

Particle Shrine
Twitter: @particleshrine
Instagram: @particleshrine

Dr Teppei Katori
Twitter: @teppeikatori
Instagram: @teppeikatori 

Christo Squier
Twitter: @christosquier
Instagram: @christosquier

Chris Ball
Twitter: @chrisballmidi

Eden Morrison
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