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The PPE research group studies questions spanning the disciplines of politics, philosophy, and economics, and is specifically interested in how insights from all three of these disciplines can help illuminate the study of the most pressing problems facing contemporary societies. The research group focuses on both empirical and theoretical questions, and draws on a wide range of intellectual traditions across the social sciences.

Scheduled talks

  • April 5: Katherine Crofs-Gibbons (King’s Russia Institute), Listening to the Streets? The Response of Post-Soviet Central Asian Governments to Street Protest.
  • April 12: Timothy Schaitberger (KCL DPE), Minimum or Living Wage? Wage floor framing effects on expectations and preferences in Britain.
  • April 19: Kaetana Numa (KCL DPE), Finding Fiscal Illusion: A Survey Experiment with Personalised Fiscal Information.
  • May 10: Sandra-Marlen Dzenis, (KCL DPE) Combining Ideology with Narrow Self-Interest in Positive Political Theory.
  • May 31: Sam DeCanio (KCL DPE), Experimental Knowledge and the Market: An Epistemic Theory of the Modern Economy.