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PHSIG works collaboratively with multisectoral partners to bring together diverse opinions for shared impact. Scope of PHSIG includes providing advice on research for prevention and improvement of health of communities; advising on multi-sectoral collaborations to support research that engages with the social determinants of health; to advise on translation of research findings into policy and practice and to advise on strategies that ensure equity, collaboration, and co-development are meaningfully carried out in the development and implementation of research projects.

Chaired by Devon Hanson, former headmaster and present Education and Leadership Consultant. Mr. Hanson was the principal of Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton between 2012 to 2017, which he transformed from unsatisfactory to good within the first 18 months. Previously, under his first headship, Walworth academy was transformed in four years; exclusions and school violence went down, teacher and student respect and academic grades went up, making the school the most improved in England at the time.

For over 28 years, Devon has been a senior teacher and pastoral leader of thousands of young people in South London schools, often seen outside the school within the community, looking out for his students. The impact of his school leadership have earned national and international recognition from the former Prime minister, Secretary of State for Education and Head of Ofsted, as well as other visitors such as the Mayor of New York, exchange between Evelyn Grace Academy and Xinghua City Zhaoyang Lake Junior Middle School, and the Zimbabwe’s Education Minister.

Our members

We are delighted to collaborate, and work with, many exceptional individuals on our research.

  • Everton Augustus
  • Rev. Jim Craig
  • Yvonne Brown
  • Jennifer Banks-Smith
  • Olimpia Monstreau
  • Anne Elkiins
  • Devon Hanson
  • Sayce Holmes-Lewis
  • Teean Robinson-Smith
  • Christina Renhberg
  • Althea Smith
  • Hillna Fontaine
  • Kelvena Jones
  • Peter Baffoe
  • Everton Augustus
  • Sangeeta Leahy
  • Shirley Baptiste

Membership currently includes individuals from:

  • Built environment
  • Educational leadership
  • Faith
  • Hospitality
  • Housing
  • LGBTQ2ia+ community
  • Local government
  • Mental health care
  • Primary care
  • Public health
  • Regeneration
  • Transport
  • Youth mentorship

The group continues to expand through leveraging community networks.

Our Partners

We are also proud to be collaborating with the following institutions on our projects.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Ulster University logo

Ulster University